Trees on The Quays

North Wall Quay, Dublin

Masterplan proposal to create a major new urban space in Dublin Docklands.

The Trees on the Quays project, proposes to radically transform the shell of the abandoned Anglo Irish Bank Head Quarters into an innovative Public Park. Central to the project will be a Vertical Park, where nature, rather than commerce, will colonise the concrete structure creating a new landmark on the Liffey Quays. The existing floor plates of the concrete shell will be punched out to create a honeycombed lattice. The resulting voids will be filled with banks of earth to create a stepped landscape, forming terraces in which trees and other plants will grow. The labyrinthine floor plates will form a three dimensional maze with meandering routes circulating around plant beds and through tree canopies. Dramatic three dimensional routes formed by the network of walkways will descend through the parks various landscapes, meandering the tree canopies and skirting the building’s edge



Irish Times Feature September 23rd, 2011

Irish Times Editorial September 26th, 2011


Exhibited as part of Settlement by the artist Anthony Haughey Dublin and Belfast

Ignite the West


Trees On The Quays presentation