Cong House

Golden Bay, County Galway

Fishing lodge situated in the beautiful setting of Golden Bay , on the lakeshore of Lough Corrib just outside Cong village and Ashford Castle.

The house is embedded in the hillside with the boathouse accommodation at the lowest level just above the shoreline. Living accommodation gradually ascends the hillside with the principal rooms positioned at the highest level and enjoying lake views and ideal solar orientation. The external form of the house reads as three layers, the solid limestone base of the lower levels, and the folding plate of the zinc roof and the open central layer of the main living spaces. Within the house, the ceiling under the zinc roof follows the profile of the external folds, maximizing the volume of the internal spaces throughout the house. In the living room the folding surface continues down the chimney breast to twist and angle the fireplace snugly towards the sitting area.



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